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电钻iPhone 7 钻出隐藏耳机孔

行业资讯 / 2022-10-31 22:54

本文摘要:Prank video destroying new Apple smartphone receives 10m views, with some seemingly tricked into making 3.5mm hole in the bottom of their devices.这则毁坏新款苹果手机的戏仿视频浏览量高达1000万,有些人甚至还知道随便,在自己的苹果手机底部小洞一个3.5毫米的耳机孔。


Prank video destroying new Apple smartphone receives 10m views, with some seemingly tricked into making 3.5mm hole in the bottom of their devices.这则毁坏新款苹果手机的戏仿视频浏览量高达1000万,有些人甚至还知道随便,在自己的苹果手机底部小洞一个3.5毫米的耳机孔。A video claiming that users can add a headphone socket to the iPhone 7, which only has a Lightning port, by drilling into the bottom of their phone has been watched almost 10m times.视频中,用户可在只有一个Lightning模块的iPhone 7手机底部电钻出有一个新的耳机模块。该视频已被观赏近1000万次。

The prank video shows a man drilling a 3.5mm hole into the bottom left edge of the iPhone 7 held in a vice. 这一戏仿视频中,男子再行用钳子将iPhone 7相同寄居,然后在手机左侧底部小洞一个3.5毫米的手机孔。It points to the row of small holes on the left side that replaced the headphone socket present on the iPhone 6S and claims that drilling into the second hole on the left reveals a hidden socket.手机左下方有一排小孔,正是iPhone 6S耳机模块所在的方位。视频称之为电钻左侧第二个孔可表明出有隐蔽的耳机插孔。

Once the hole has been drilled the video shows an iPhone 7 playing music, although the sound comes out of the speakers, not the white headphones now inserted in the DIY hole.视频中,电钻出有小孔的iPhone 7手机需要播出音乐,虽然这音乐不是通过放入制做小孔的白色耳机而是通过手机扬声器传出来的。‘This video is for those who don’t want to get $159 wireless AirPods or have to insert your headphones into an adapter every time you listen to music’ says the caption of the video.视频解释称之为这一视频主要针对那些想要听音乐,却又想花159美元出售苹果AirPods无线耳机,或者被迫将耳机放入适配器的用户。

The video was produced by Sacramento, California-based Ukrainian YouTuber Taras Maksimuk who specialises in smashing technology for your pleasure according to his profile. 视频由擅长于只为娱乐‘折磨’苹果的Taras Maksimuk制作,这位乌克兰裔的YouTube使用者来自加利福尼亚萨克拉门托。Some of Maksimuk’s other videos include what happens if you microwave an iPhone 7 and can the iPhone 7 survive in liquid nitrogen for five minutes.Maksimuk还制作过一些其他视频,如将iPhone 7放到微波炉里不会再次发生什么?,敲于液态氮中5分钟,iPhone 7还能否‘存活’?等。

In total Maksimuk has seven separate videos showing him destroying iPhone 7s, but that seemingly hasn’t stopped people drilling holes into the bottom of their new iPhones and causing irreparable damage.Maksimuk共上载了7个毁坏iPhone 7的独立国家视频,但或许没能挡住人们在新买的iPhone手机底部钻孔,导致不能挽救的巨大损失。The YouTube video’s comment section – normally a place filled with vitriol and despair for humanity – was full of people claiming to have performed the operation and destroying their iPhone 7 in the process, the sincerity of which is questionable.YouTube视频讨论区一般来说充满著了各种尖酸刻薄和对人性深感恐惧的评论,此次评论区很多网友回应他们动手电钻的过程中iPhone 7瓦解丢弃了,评论的真实性让人猜测。Some Dude said: WTF??? Fuck you! My screen turned black the moment I started drilling and now I can’t even open it.一些网友开骂:这是什么玩意!×××!我刚开始铁环,屏幕就全黑了,现在开机都进没法。

TECHRAX YOU PIECE OF SHIT I DID THIS AND THE SOUND DOESN NOT WORK AT ALL, said Artur.网友亚瑟:TechRax,×××!我铁环了孔之后手机显然不出有声音。Lukelaluke123 said: ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I WAITD TILL MY DAD WAS SLEEP THEN I WENT TO THE GARAGE AND GOT HIS DIRLL AND DID THIS AND NOW MY IPHONE WONT NOT EVEN WORK!!!!!网友Lukelaluke123:你是在和我打趣吗?我仍然等到我爸睡觉了,才跑到车库拿走他的电钻,但钻完我的手机同义都无法用了!!!The video received over 134,000 likes, but just under 88,000 dislikes. 这一视频目前已接到多达13.4万的拜,但不讨厌的人也低约8.8万之多。It’s unclear how many of the dislikes were from people who had been tricked into drilling a hole into their £600-plus smartphone.尚能不确切这些不讨厌的人里到底有多少人上当受骗,在他们花600多英镑买了的苹果手机上钻孔。

Not only will drilling a hole into the bottom of the iPhone 7 not reveal a hidden headphone socket, but it will also ruin the waterproofing of the smartphone, which requires the membranes covering the holes in the bottom of the phone to be undamaged.在iPhone 7底部钻孔不仅无法表明出有隐蔽的耳机模块,还不会毁坏手机的透气性能,因为透气拒绝手机底部小孔上覆盖面积的一层防水膜要完好无损。Maksimuk’s video is the latest in a long run of pranks targeting gullible iPhone buyers. Maksimuk最近上载的这一视频是为了戏仿那些更容易被骗的苹果手机用户。Pranksters managed to convince some users that the iOS 7 update magically made their iPhones waterproof in 2013, while some iPhone 6 users were tricked into microwaving their smartphones while seeking longer battery life. 之前就有恶作剧者顺利使用户上当受骗,如2013年将iOS升级能让手机透气,将iPhone 6手机放在微波炉里冷却以缩短手机电池寿命。


Both pranks only led to destroyed smartphones.两者的最后结果都是手机大罢工丢弃。